The best free stock image sources (plus my fav paid ones)

Where to get stock images for real estate

The best free stock photo sources

Plus my fav paid ones

best free stock photos

Let’s be real.  Finding a stock photo isn’t as easy as it sounds.   Good news, though.  There are more and much better resources than there were in the past and they’re getting better all the time.  Gone are the days of paying a fortune for a single stock photo.  

Quality stock photos are an integral part of real estate marketing.  I use them every day for social templates, website layouts, brochures… you name it.   

Humans register images much more quickly than text.  60,000 times faster.

It’s critical that the photos you use don’t suck, they do tell a story, and they speak to your audience.

Here are my fav sources for stock photos, plus the two paid ones that I use most often (and they’re worth every penny).  


Canva has become the default design app for millions, so it makes sense to start here.  There are high quality stock images available on canva, even with a free account.  If you’re on paid, even better.  They have a massive photo library.

unsplash is the free stock photo site that I send more clients to than any other.  The photos are simply stunning.  In real estate, though, it can be a challenge to find home photos or location specific images.  It’s where I save my archetype style examples for clients and for my email list.  


Pixabay is pretty similar to Unsplash but I generally find it easier to find lifestyle and home images (still not as easy as my fav paid source, below).   It’s a great resource for concept images.


Pexels is right in there with Pixabay and Unsplash.  Gorgeous images, but it can be a little bit tricky to find things that are specific to real estate.  

stocksnap is one that’s a little bit less well known.  I find it a bit easier here to find real estate or business related images.  

Twenty20 (My Fav Paid!)

I freakin’ love Twenty20.  It’s fab for real estate because it has so many lifestyle stock photos, home interiors ranging from casual for over the top lux, and location specific US based photos. It’s my first stop for grabbing brand inspo images for clients.  I also use it for the stock that I use for my social feeds and email marketing.  It’s part of a package with Envato Elements, a resource site for designers (which I also use for design layouts).  The whole kit and kaboodle is  only $16.50 a month and comes with unlimited downloads.   If you’re doing a lot of marketing, it’s a no-brainer great deal.

Full disclosure… I recommend Twenty20 to so many people that they gave me an affiliate link.  If you sign up through the link I get a tiny commisson from them that doesn’t cost you anything.  It’s a trickle that helps offset the cost of putting out free content for agents & brokers.  

adobe stock

Adobe Stock is the other paid stock image resource that I use frequently.    If I can’t find something specific on Twenty20, Adobe is my next stop.  Unlike Twenty20, there’s a limited number of downloads each month on a subscription so I use it sparingly.  It’s 29.99 a month for 10 images (vs 16.50 for unlimited on Twenty20), but they do have more business/corporate specific images and a larger selection when it comes to luxury homes or high end interiors.  

Finding the right stock photo for your marketing gets little bit easier when you know where to look.  It gets even more clear when you also know which image style is right for your brand.     Because we have a faster emotional reation to images than we do to text, it’s important to choose photos that send the right message.

A couple of final tips:  Stay away from anything that looks like it isn’t real life unless you’re intentionally aiming for something that’s a little bit jarring.  If you’ve seen a similar image (ala the hand with the keys) a hundred times, choose something else.  Your goal is to make your brand stand out, not to look the same as everyone else’s.  Find photos that work with the mood and the color scheme of your brand and that send the right message.


Great stock images can make a huge difference in your real estate marketing.  Try the resources above to find the right ones for you.