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Real Estate Marketing to your Advantage

starting a blog is like getting a puppy

At least the blog won't poop on your rug

starting a blog real estate

It sounds lovely, right? 

Puppies are just sooooo sweet, they smell good, and they’re snuggly. I mean, who can resist puppy dog eyes? Starting a blog is trendy, a great marketing tactic, and isn’t writing fun? 

Both, though, are long-term commitments that need to be carefully thought through.

starting a blog for real estate


A blog is one of the best things that you can do to build strong organic SEO with on-page content. It’s great for hyper-local awareness. Blogging can educate your consumers and help to position you as the expert in your marketplace. A blog is an awesome way to speak to the people who fit your niche. It’s a great way pull in the exact people who need that special something that makes you unique.

Tactically, too, maintaining a blog is a core piece of a hub and spoke style marketing strategy. It gives you content for your newsletters, email marketing, and social. It can be a strong piece of a lead generations strategy.

but here's the thing

Puppies are cute and blogs sound great. 

A puppy may eat your shoes, poop on your rug, and you have to feed it and care for it every day for the rest of its life. Well cared for, they’re our best friends.


Each post should be thought through beforehand with competitive and keyword research. You need to take time with copywriting. The content needs to be SEO optimized. 

Most blog posts require that you either find an appropriate stock image or create one on Canva. That image also needs to be optimized for SEO and web. That’s just the per-post stuff. 

Your blog site needs to be set up properly and maintained over time. You need a content plan, and you’ll need to stay consistent over time.

how to start a real estate blog

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t blog.  

I’m saying that I want you ti think through it, have a strategy, and understand ahead of time that it’s a commitment.