Make a Killer First Impression

Choose the Right Paper Stock for Your Business Cards

"What paper should I choose for my business cards?"

When I’m wrapping up a brand project for a client and the time comes to print the swanky new materials, it’s a question that I almost always get. If they don’t ask, I’ll tell them anyway because it’s more important than you might think. What paper you choose for your real estate business cards makes almost as much of an impression as how they look and what they say.

When it comes to making a killer first impression, nailing the business card game is a must! Those little pieces of paper can work magic in the business world. They leave a lasting impact on potential clients and partners. It gets tricky when the time comes to order, though. 

Let’s break it down and find the perfect fit for your brand.

Thick is legit

If I had to pick the single most important thing, it would be the weight of the business card paper. How it feels in the hand is a big deal. Heavier cards will also hold up longer than light ones will in your wallet and for the people you give them to. Standard business cards usually have a weight of around 14pt (roughly 100 lb). Lighter weight cards are cheaper, but they’ll feel flimsy. Don’t go there. Use 14pt or 100 lb stock as the bare minimum. To level up, go with a 16pt or 18pt stock (120-130 lb). The difference in cost for a standard order of 250 cards is minimal, and they’ll feel much more legit. The heaviest cards are roughly double that, at 32pts or more, like Moo’s Luxe business cards (gorgeous for high end real estate!). These get pricey, but they feel top-notch. Aim for the middle with a stock in the 16pt to 20pt range when in doubt.

Glossy or Matte?

Choose your finish wisely. A sharp glossy finish on your business card is perfect for bold and eye-catching designs. Gloss will amp up high contrast or deeply saturated colors. On the other hand, a matte or uncoated finish is like a classic suit. Understated and sophisticated with timeless appeal. Because a matte finish doesn’t have any glare, it’s also better for readability if you have smaller font sizes or a lot of text. For real estate business cards, my go-to is matte unless there’s a reason to choose gloss.

Right For Writing

Picture this. You met a potential client, and you’re going to give them your business card, but before you do, you want to jot a little note on it. Oh no!! The second that ink gets touched, it’s smudged all over your fingers and the card. Fear not, my friends. The gloss coating causes this problem, so choose uncoated or matte cards instead. They’ll be your heroes with anything printed that you may want to write on, and they’ll never smudge up your heartfelt notes.  In real estate, we tend to jot notes on business cards fairly often, so it’ just makes sense to go with uncoated or matte.

add your vibe

Specialty papers are like a secret handshake. Linen or cotton papers are an understated way to say you mean business and will never miss a detail. Kraft, recycled, and eco-friendly papers shout your love for Mother Earth and your commitment to sustainability. They’re amazing, too, for businesses that want to send a feeling of being easygoing and approachable. They may cost a bit more, but a specialty paper can make a big difference in how your business card is percieved.

There you have it. The lowdown on picking the perfect card stock for real estate business cards. Remember, that little piece of paper is small but mighty. Be thoughtful about your choice and invest in a paper quality that reflects your brand and makes heads turn.