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brand fonts

A combination of a serif font, Playfair Display, and a sans serif font, Poppins, reflect an intelligent approach to an old industry as well as a modern and bold style. The ways that we use the typography is just as important as the fonts themselves. Bold headlines, clean subheads, and italic body text all combine to communicate the brand persona and to support the voice.


Playfair Display

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Brand Archetype

The Creator

The Art of Real Estate is a strong Creator primary archetype, with Rebel and Explorer in supporting roles. It’s a really cool combination and not the norm for a real estate brokerage. An innovative, brave, and inventive blend that is balanced by a high level of responsibility and care for both the quality of the product as well as the outcome for the customer.

As much as an artist creates a respresentation of their vision, a Creator brand brings non-conforming ideas to life. They are bold innovators who reject the notion that business as usual is best because it's how things have always been done.

It's about artistry but also function, creating something new but also ensuring that it is as perfect as possible.

The Creator

Driven to build something new, loves innovation, thrives on freedom of expression.

The Rebel

An outspoken driver of change, not afraid to bend the rules.

The Explorer

A drive for freedom but with a high level of responsibility. Highly authentic, pushes boundaries.

Ideal Audience

who we're talking to

Early Adopters
Aspiration Driven
Financial Savvy

Our tendency in real estate is to want to be all things to all people. The problem, though, is that if we’re trying to talk to everyone, we speak to no one in particular. The ideal brand audience is less about the type of home or age bracket and more about what they’re most likely to be attracted to. We’re aiming for the people who will be most attracted by the “cool factor” of The Art of Real Estate, who have the financial stability to invest in a home, and who are most likely to appreciate the differences between your brokerage and the competition. The same goes for your recruiting audience, but in this case, they may either be aspirational/drive-focused or established success in their careers.

Early Adopters: The key differentiator in your audience is that they are the early adopters. They’re the people who will stand in line for the newest iPhone, even if they cannot articulate why it’s better than the one they have. They tend to be the least satisfied with the same old anything and are more appreciative of different approaches. They also tend to have a strong influence over their peers and are, therefore, more likely to be referral sources later in the customer journey/lifecycle.

Other: It’s not so much about age as it is about attraction and mindset, but your people are more likely to be 35-56, financially they are both savvy and stable, and they lean to higher income brackets.


The logo has a nod to the old fashioned southern tradition of the business and the markets that the brokerage serves, with the bold modernity of their unique approach. It speaks to the fact that no matter how far they drive innovation, they will never sacrifice their values or integrity.

Color Scheme

The brand colors represent deep southern roots, a brave approach, and the brokerage's dedication to the absolute highest level of service. They are designed to embody the brand values and it's equal drives for innovation and expression. Obsidian green is solid, trustworthy, and an everso- slightly unconventional shift from the black that many other brands use. Summer Sky is fresh and upbeat, showing their creative kicks. Pure white with ample clear space reflects modernity and conveys the solid ethics behind the brand. Mist Grey brings balance and harmony as well as reflects the trust that their clients place in them.


HEX 082E38
RGB 8 46 56
CMYK 92 67 56 58

summer blue

HEX 21B5E0
RGB 33 181 224
CMYK 69 7 5 0

mist grey

RGB 178 178 178
CMYK 31 24 25 0


RGB 255 255 255
CMYK 0 0 0 0

Custom Graphics

branded graphics

real estate brokerage culture

Image Style

The homes that the brokerage helps their clients to purchase are containers of the lifestyle that the clients aspire to live. The brand uses interior photos wherever possible to help people to envision that life, across styles, budgets and home types. The photos and stock image style is crafted to pull the brand feel together to reflect a bespoke but approachable feel that reflects how unique the brokerage is. Image collection for grab and go use by brokerage staff pre-selected on Unsplash.

Designs & Layouts

The brokerage offers a client experience that is unlike anything that people can experience with their competitors. The design style of the brand is created to reflect this. It is rich and modern using clean layouts with plenty of breathing room for visual elements.

Custom Canva Templates

Instagram squares & stories, listing flyers & brochures

Canva templates make it easy for staff and agents to create the things that they need every day. Templates come pre-loaded with logos, colors, fonts, and custom images, and are fully editable.


custom slide decks for recruiting & agent listing appointments

Slide decks are fully editable and adaptable, with copywriting, stock images, and custom graphics included. Files in PowerPoint and Google Slides for easy use.


agent attraction & recruiting magazine style brochure

real estate recruiting brochure

brand guide in pdf and printed book formats

business cards, email signatures, signs & riders


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