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Branding or Marketing?

how are they different?

difference between marketing and branding real estate

The easiest way to understand what makes marketing and branding different is to look at what each is.

Branding is your business identity and how it’s reflected. It’s not only the visual side (your logos or colors) but the brand “personality”. It’s how people see you, as much as it is how you see yourself. Branding creates attachment and loyalty, evokes emotion, and builds connection.

Marketing is promoting your company. It’s about generating sales and it includes your strategy, your process, and the tools that you use. Marketing drives lead generation and revenue.

In personal terms, your brand is who you are where marketing is how you get yourself in front of people.

Branding should always come first.  Why? 

It’s impossible to create a marketing strategy without first knowing who you are, who is most likely to be interested, and how best to reach them.  Ok, so you totally can do a marketing strategy first, but a) it will be a lot harder and b) it’s not likely to be very effective.

Because your brand is your identity, it may evolve over time as your business grows. Just like humans mature over time, brands can, too. The core persona, though, stays true. Things like your core beliefs, your mission, and your values tend to stay aligned over time. In contrast, your marketing strategy and tactics will change often. You’ll need to adapt them to changes in market conditions, to push out promotions, or to adopt trends or channels.

Examples of marketing might be your email newsletter, your social media post cadence, or your blog. What they say, who they are designed to appeal to, the values that they exhibit, and how they look are elements of your brand.

This is waaaay oversimplified, but the goal here is to cover the basic differences between marketing and branding, and not to write an encyclopedia on it.

It can feel complicated, but I can make it a little bit easier. If you’re stumped between marketing and branding, start with getting super clear on your brand. If you’re not sure what your brand personality should be or why it matters, start with Brand Archetypes Basics.  

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