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The Sage

The Teacher, The Thinker, The Expert

The Sage is wise, a seeker of truth, constantly learning and teaching what they know. Knowledge is empowering & drives independence.


The mind is everything. What you think
you become.


about sage brands


The Sage has an innate desire to be constantly learning and an equal desire to share knowledge. You have the heart of a teacher. You are always looking for new ideas and fresh ways to approach common problems. The Sage likes to challenge the way people think, loves nothing more than factual data that back up a premise, and constantly evolves through expanding their ideas.

You attract people who are seeking a trusted advisor. You are intelligent, data-driven, and strategic. The Sage gives people a sense of assurance that they can trust in your expertise.


understand your audience

The Sage appeals to people who gain a sense of self-actualization through learning and feel that the more they know, the more independent they can be. They also like feel that they are already at least somewhat more educated than most others, so present your ideas in a way that lifts them and doesn’t talk down. They fear being misled but love details and data, so back up your premise with referenceable facts.


connection archetypes

The Sage shares a quadrant with The Dreamer and The Explorer. All three attract people who have a need for self-actualization. The Dreamer is focused more on a utopic ideal, while The Explorer is more about exploration and adventure.

brand archetype quadrants V3 Updated Branding_Independence Quadrant

style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Brands like PBS, The Washington Post, TED, and Harvard are examples of The Sage in action. From news to television to entertainment, all are trusted brands that educate our world.

real estate graphic designer branding agency
real estate graphic designer branding agency
real estate graphic designer branding agency
real estate graphic designer branding agency

core values

sage brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

The Sage Brand values knowledge, education, objectivity, curiosity, and truth.

brand voice

the way you speak

The Sage voice is informational, self-reflective, and clear. Be careful with high-level vocabulary. Use it where it makes sense, but ensure your copy is concise and easily digestible. 

brand visuals


gravitas, depth, balance

Although most colors can be adapted to fit a brand archetype, some colors work more effectively with a Sage brand than others. Your colors should evoke a feeling of trust, depth, and gravity. Greys, black, browns, and blues are the most common.

Depending on your audience and market, you can balance deep colors with moderately saturated lighter colors. Avoid a color palette that is too bright, as it can detract from the perception of expertise that you need.


articulate, traditional, legible

Fonts that work best for a Sage brand tend to lean toward the traditional. Consider old-school news type styles or moderate sans serifs. The fonts you choose should reinforce your expertise, so steer clear of “fun” or decorative fonts.

Most brands use a pair or trio of fonts. Yours should come together to give a serious vibe.

Your goal is to find a font or style pairing that supports the knowledge you share and does not distract from it.


The Sage image style will vary based on your choice of a color palette. Images should give a sense of intelligence and knowledge. Your brand probably leans to the traditional side. Still, depending on your sub-archetypes, your audience, or your subject, it may shift a bit. Look for stock photos that are serious and that work in harmony with your brand colors. You can work with more conceptual stock but avoid any that feel too staged or stuffy.


You are the expert. You’re a thought leader. You enlighten people and help them to make sense of the complicated world that they live in. Your branded materials should be refined and informative, but don’t go overboard with anything they don’t want to know. Your audience is sharp, so don’t oversimplify or dumb down your materials. They like the details and appreciate the analysis.

Your brand doesn’t have to look like a librarian to be a Sage. Brand styles tend to lean toward the traditional side but can also be very modern. It depends on what your subject area is and who you’re targeting. While other brand archetypes often need to present their content in snackable bites, your audience will appreciate more detailed content. Use your marketing to guide and educate. The Sage is the ideal archetype to market by blogging, sharing educational videos, or creating downloadable guides. You can stand out and gain followers by motivating people to learn.

In real estate? You may be the agent who is experienced in your niche, you may be a trainer or speaker, or you might be a consultant. The common denominator is that you focus on educating your audience and sharing the knowledge that you have.

which archetype fits your brand?

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