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The Rebel

The Outlaw, The Maverick, The Revolutionary

Whether it’s Hipster or Harley, the Rebel is counter-culture, outside the mainstream, and is often a driver of change.


I've been reckless, but I'm not a rebel without a cause

Angelina Jolie

about rebel brands

The Rebel drives people to break out, to make a change, to follow their wild side, or to just be their genuine selves. You’re all about pushing boundaries and breaking the rules with an underlying drive of freedom of choice and being a catalyst of change.

You’re against any rules that place limitations on people, whether it’s you or anyone else.

Rebels can be the tough guy or the moral crusader. The Rebel is ballsy, outspoken, and not afraid to speak her mind. You are anti-conformity.


understand your audience

You attract people who see the world how you do. You’re the brand that tells people that independence is cool, that the status quo is flexible, and that change is possible. Rebel brands must show that underneath the tough exterior is a good heart with the right intentions.


connection archetypes

The Rebel shares a quadrant with The Magician and The Hero. All three attract people who have needs for mastery or motivation. The Magician sees possibility where others don’t, and the Hero pushes people to achieve their goals.

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style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Looking for inspo on Rebel brands? Check out Harley Davidson, MTV, Virgin, and Kat Von D. They defy societal norms, are unafraid to challenge the system and are one of a kind in their fields.

real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham

core values

rebel brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

The Rebel brand values revolve around freedom, advocating for the disenfranchised, and challenging convention.

brand voice

the way you speak

Your Rebel brand voice is never formal. You’re authentic, raw, upfront, and unafraid to take a stance. Keep your sentences short and to the point, and embrace using everyday language. Depending on your market and audience, you can call out bullshit as bullshit and not have to reframe it.

brand visuals


bold, contrast, loud

Because of your non-conformity, you can play with colors more than the other archetypes. Your colors can be shockingly loud or dark greys and blacks. Use deep greys, true blacks, or pure white for balance if you go bold.

You can also lean to the vintage side with washed images and colors to match or use high-contrast colors like black, white, and a bold pop of another single color.

Be careful using bold colors to make sure that they work together.


brave, ballsy, never cliche

Among all of the twelve archetypes, you are one of the few that can use funky fonts. Think about blending in a graffiti typeface, a scribble-style script, or something that looks handwritten.

Be careful if you do choose a funky font. Choose something legible that doesn’t look cliché. Be sure to pair it with another font for body text that is clean and legible, too.

The goal is to find a set of fonts that work well together and show off your ballsy approach.


A Rebel brand is fun to work with for images. Your values and message are about non-conformity and freedom of expression, so you can use the photos you choose to reflect your values. Steer away from images that feel staged, uptight, or too mainstream. Don’t be afraid to show the tattoos, the bikes, the local music scene, or the hipster coffee shop.


Choose your lane and go all in. If you’re the maverick, the activist, or the iconoclast, you have to be 100% and not just kind of. Yes, you will alienate people who don’t think the way you do, but they wouldn’t like working with you anyway. Your audience, though, will love you for it. They can’t get what you do from just any brand, so be true to who you are.

Rebels are known for wanting to shake things up and empowering people to fight against the status quo. Be careful to not veer over the line into being mean or showing violence. Inspire people to overcome wrong, not to commit it. You have a knack for radical freedom and disruption, attracting people who feel stuck or out of place in “polite society.” Appreciate their authenticity as much as you value your own.

In real estate? You’re the agent who voices what most others will not. As much as being a Rebel means you ignore convention, stay legal & within compliance. Remember that there are “riches in niches.” If you’re that agent who has tats, who rides a Harley, or who stands tall with hipster pride, own it and build your brand around who you are. You’ll attract people who have the same independent spirit. While nearly every other agent you compete against aims at the masses, your rebel audience can feel left out. You can target your audience based on lifestyle or life stage, neighborhoods with a quirky vibe, or the home styles they are most likely to love in your city.

which archetype fits your brand?

I can help with that

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