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The Magician

The Visionary, The Healer, The Inventor

The Magician makes problems disappear, makes the impossible possible.


A thought, even a possibility, can shatter and transform us.

Friedrich Nietzsche

about magician brands

The Magician believes in transformation and in possibility. You manifest change and see solutions where others see barriers. You strive to help others to become the best possible version of themselves. It’s all about combining wisdom, process, science, and mastery. You are constantly learning and always see paths forward that others may not see.

The Magician is intuitive, wise, and empowering. Dream crushers and egotism annoy you, and you can’t abide by cruelty or pessimism.


understand your audience

The Magician sees possibility everywhere and has a knack for finding the best possible outcome. You attract people who want to feel fulfilled or inspired. They follow you because you’re always a step ahead of the curve, and you can help them find their way forward.


connection archetypes

The Magician shares a quadrant with The Rebel and The Hero. All three attract people who have a need for mastery and motivation. The Hero achieves mastery through inspiring others, while the Rebel motivates through countering the establishment.

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style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Look to Magician brands like Dyson, Lulumon, Polaroid, and Disney for inspiration. Although they s are in very different product spaces, they all inspire possibility through something their audience did not see before.

real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham
real estate marketing ideas logo social media stacy stateham

core values

magician brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

The Magician Brand values transformation, vision, and knowledge.

brand voice

the way you speak

The Magician’s voice is charismatic, inspirational, and thought-provoking. 

You challenge, but in a non-confrontational way, guiding people toward solutions and helping them to find their inner mastery.

brand visuals


mystic, rich, deep

Your colors should evoke a feeling of mystery and knowledge, so deeper, rich, and saturated tones work best. Think about using rich gold, purple, green, and dark teal colors. An easy way to find colors that work well together is to choose them based on an image that inspires the feeling you want to evoke.

Depending on your audience and market, you can lean slightly lighter or darker to adapt for a younger or older audience or to adjust up or down in average price point.


evocative, thoughtful, insightful

Among all of the twelve archetypes, you are one of the few that can use more decorative fonts like ligature fonts, scripts, or fancy serifs.

If you use a decorative font, use it for banners or your logotype and not for your body text, which absolutely must be legible. Think about pairing a script logo typeface with a traditional serif or a decorative ligature font with a serif.

Your typography choices should be unique and instill a feeling of possibility.


The Magician image style shows vision, possibility, inspiration, and mystery. Most often, images have deep and rich tones. Choose images that feel aspirational or inspirational and that work well with your brand colors. When looking for stock images to show concepts, steer clear of anything cliché. Images should help convey your message of hope, problem-solving, inspiration, magic, or mystery.


Your brand needs to inspire people to believe you have a vision they can’t quite see yet. You are inspiring, motivational, and visionary. You bring your customers along on a transformational journey. The Magician audience has a hunger for a better world, a deep desire for knowledge, and often has interests in the spiritual or metaphysical. Your brand should instill a sense of inspiration and wisdom. Be very careful to only promise what you can actually deliver, though. Magician leaders tend to get ahead of themselves, wanting what is possible but beyond their current capabilities.

When building out your brand and marketing strategy, ensure you have a cohesive message and style across all platforms. Instagram is likely your strongest platform for social media, followed by Facebook and Pinterest.

In real estate? The Magician is the agent who makes dreams come true. Use your marketing to show possibility, aspiration, & inspiration. In real estate marketing, it’s about dream homes, beautiful views, and a life they aspire to. If you’re serving the industry in tech, consulting, brokerage, or a services brand, your focus is on vision and innovation. You help agents to achieve what they might not have thought possible.

which archetype fits your brand?

I can help with that

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