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The Lover

Also called The Beauty, The Seducer

You are all about emotional connection. You are committed & compassionate. The Lover inspires love of all kinds, lives in bliss, and loves beautiful things.



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about lover brands


The Lover is that person that is always trying to make people feel special. You want a warm emotional tug. It’s love of all kinds, including love of place, family, animals, people, or even the evocative feeling of deep connection without a specific focus.

You’re the brand that appeals to the senses and emotions. You instill feelings of warmth and bliss. The Lover shows genuine appreciation and builds close relationships.

You are affectionate and want to give people joy. People are drawn to your beautiful aesthetics and often seek a deeper level of fulfillment.


understand your audience

The Lover attracts people who have underlying needs for connection and esteem. It can vary by business, but common drivers for the Lover audience are the need to feel deeply connected to others, a desire for physical beauty, and a craving for a sensual experience. Their biggest fears are loneliness, failing to meet beauty standards, or feeling unwanted.


connection archetypes

The Lover shares a quadrant with The Girl or Guy Nextdoor and the Jester. All three attract people who have needs related to relationships and belonging. The Girl or Guy Nextdoor leans into casual & community, while the Joker is all about fun.


style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Chanel, Hallmark, Haagen Dazs, and Nars are brands that ooze the enticing Lover style but are very different in their own way. Chanel in cultured affluence, Hallmark with deep emotive connection, Haagen-Dazs bring luxury to ice cream, and Nars oozes sex appeal.

core values

lover brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

Lover brands values embody elegance, beauty, appreciation, connection, indulgence, and luxury.

brand voice

the way you speak

Your brand voice is warm, descriptive, and attractive. You use adjectives to bring people closer and to entice, evoke desire, and instill a sense of decadent indulgence.

You are expressive and magnetic.

brand visuals


rich, romantic, expressive

Lover brand colors aren’t specific to the color itself but how they are used. Your colors can be soft and feminine, muted grey or beige, or intense reds. The most important aspect is that they instill a sense of warmth. Pale blue with beige and white would work beautifully, while an intense bright blue would not. Think about colors you might find in an old photo or a bouquet of flowers.

Because of the intimate nature of the Lover, you can play with intense shades of some colors like deep reds or pinks, provided they’re well balanced with your other color choices.


elegant, polished, luxurious

Your fonts are elegant, upscale, and high-end. They should convey a sense of refinement. Look for fonts that are stylish and dignified. The goal is to find a font or pairing that brings a polished look.

Tempting as they may be, watch out for script fonts unless you can find one that is legible. The same goes for some of the more ornate and decorative fonts.

While beautiful, they can be challenging to read, especially for an older audience or on signage that needs to be legible at a distance.


Look for images that evoke emotion, are stylish, and feel inviting. Your prime focus is beauty and aesthetics, so choose your images thoughtfully. Be wary of that “stock photo” feel. Aim for images that feel soft, and make sure that they are cohesive with your color scheme. These are only examples. As you can see by the archetype inspiration brands, imagery can vary dramatically depending on the brand style, market segment, and audience.


You take a very high level of care with your social media and website content and messaging to ensure that it is always on point with your brand style and voice. Remember that your audience is focused on beauty and aesthetics, so your content and graphics must meet their expectations.

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are. Your people won’t respond to a hard sell or clickbait. Those tactics are more likely to turn them off than to bring you leads. Keep in mind that they want to be attracted, not pushed.

In real estate? There are several niches for a Lover brand. You may be in a luxury market segment, one that sells in unique neighborhoods, or that connects closely with a demographic niche. In the high end, you are closer to a brand like Chanel, or when selling in a demographic or location-based niche, you’re probably more like Hallmark or Nars.

which archetype fits your brand?

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