The Jester

Also called The Entertainer, The Performer, The Comedian

The Jester loves to lighten the mood, enjoy what life brings, and see things differently. They have a knack for making almost anything funny.

humor is mankind's greatest blessing


about JESTER brands


The Jester sees at least a little humor in everything. You love life and enjoy a good chuckle. You have a knack for seeing things others don’t and for presenting ideas in new ways. The Jester loves attention and is outspoken. You’re great at creative concepts, and you shine with confidence. You create a carefree sense that anything is possible.

People love The Jester for how clever you are, how you make them smile, and how you can put anyone at ease. You’re creative and smart and great at bringing a new twist to old ideas.


understand your audience

The Jester attracts people with underlying needs for connection, and they build relationships through fun times. They like to feel that they’re in on the joke, and they’re able to find something to make light of even in the worst situations. They want to live in the moment and not be weighed down by the mundane. They hate being bored or wasting time.


connection archetypes

The Jester shares a quadrant with The Girl or Guy Nextdoor and the Lover. All three attract people who have needs related to relationships and belonging. The Girl or Guy Nextdoor leans into casual & community while the Lover needs deep connection.


style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Progressive, Ben & Jerry’s, Southwest, and Old Spice are Jester brands that you can look to for inspiration. Progressive makes insurance funny, Ben & Jerry’s uses fun and flavor to support their values of social justice, Southwest changed the airline industry, and Old Spice’s ads are known for their humor. 

fun real estate brand jester archetype stacy stateham
fun real estate brand jester archetype stacy stateham
fun real estate brand jester archetype stacy stateham
fun real estate brand jester archetype stacy stateham

core values

jester brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Jester Brand values originality, humor, and making people happy. 

brand voice

the way you speak

The Jester’s voice is carefree, funny, and outspoken.  You can play with a little bit of snark and be irreverent. Speak your mind.  

Think playful and spontaneous.

brand visuals


bright, fun, bold

You can play with bright, fun colors other brand archetypes would have trouble with. Think about using bright and saturated colors, but balance them with true white to keep things light. Steer clear of anything that feels too soft, too serious, or too tame.  

Your colors should evoke a feeling of joy, innovation, and humor. Have some fun, but make sure that your color choices speak as much to your audience as they do to you and are well-balanced.  

It’s about creating “pop” and not clashing.


easy, happy, upbeat

Your fonts are easy to read, fun, and can be playful. They should make people feel welcome and show off your sense of a good time.  

Of all archetypes, The Jester has the most leeway in font choices and can use decorative fonts (think retro vintage, 70’s skate, mid-century ads, or other fonts with swagger). 

If you use a decorative font, pair it with a simple and clean one to keep it from feeling too juvenile or messy.


The Jester image style is happy and fun and often shows bright colors.  The images you choose should feel upbeat, candid, and playful.  What direction you go will depend on your market and your audience, but don’t feel constrained by “stock photo” standards.  

Use your boundless imagination and atypical views.  Let your creativity come out to play.  


Jester brands are fun to work with because they’re so innately human. Make sure you have a very clearly defined brand look and stay true to it, though, because when you’re doing fun layouts, it’s easy to have colors and styles go off the rails. Remember that your audience needs to feel like they’re in on the joke, not the butt of it.

Call-to-action messages and buttons can be fun. They don’t all have to be “click here” and “contact .” A download button might say “get the goodies,” an intake form start button can say “let’s roll,” or a contact button could say “hit me up .”Your audience’s interaction with your brand should feel like a personal conversation.

In real estate? There are several niches for a Jester brand, but the most common are first-time buyers, quirky homes, a cool neighborhood, or a fun perspective on local life. You can use humor in your marketing and social media to attract people who will adore you for your fresh perspective. How you let your Jester shine will depend on your market and your audience, but opportunity abounds!

which archetype fits your brand?

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