The Girl or Guy Nextdoor

the everyman, the neighbor

You are Mr. or Mrs. Relateable.  The  Girl & Guy Nextdoor is affable and easygoing, good-natured, and you get along with everyone.

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.


about girl or guy nextdoor brands


The Girl or Guy Nextdoor is that person that everyone knows, and everyone seems to like. You want everyone to feel welcome, and you’re always there to lend a helping hand. You’re the brand that people know before they need you. You don’t necessarily feel like you have to stand out, but you’re no wallflower, either.   

The Girl or Guy Next Door is welcoming, trustworthy, and friendly. You are inherently upbeat and never pretentious. People are drawn to your welcoming nature. Your brand is very community focused and attracts people who want to feel included or understood.  


understand your audience

The Girl or Guy Nextdoor attracts people who have underlying needs of feeling welcomed and understood. It can vary by business, but common drivers for The Girl or Guy Nextdoor audience are a need to fit in and to feel like they’re part of something. They’re passionate about fairness and need to feel that they’re respected. They’re down-to-earth, realistic, and empathic.


connection archetypes

The Girl or Guy Nextdoor shares a quadrant with The Lover and the Jester.  All three attract people who have needs related to relationships and belonging.  The Lover is about deep connection and beauty, while the Joker is all about fun. 


style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Brands like Discover Card, Wendy’s, Home Depot, and Ikea fit the Girl or Guy Nextdoor Brand archetype. They’re all welcoming and feel inclusive, but they each have a different approach. Discover is clean and simple, Home Depot empowers the DIY community, Wendy’s makes burgers feel homey, and Ikea brings high-style furniture to the masses.

girl guy nextdoor brand archetype real estate branding stacy stateham
girl guy nextdoor brand archetype real estate branding stacy stateham
girl guy nextdoor brand archetype real estate branding stacy stateham
girl guy nextdoor brand archetype real estate branding stacy stateham

core values

girl or guy nextdoor brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

Girl or Guy Nextdoor brand values embody a sense of inclusivity, collaboration, respect, and understanding.

brand voice

the way you speak

Your brand voice is friendly, down-to-earth, and honest.  

You’re always welcoming and understanding and you show your knowledge in a helpful, casual, and neighborly way.    

brand visuals


friendly, approachable, welcoming

Lean toward colors that feel welcoming, approachable, and trustworthy.  Think about colors from classic comfy fabrics like denim washes, tones from a flannel plaid shirt, or a washed gingham tablecloth. 

Because of the friendly nature of the Girl or Guy Nextdoor, you can play with pops of color, provided that they’re well-balanced.  Steer clear of being either too muted or too high in contrast in your color scheme.  You’re aiming for welcoming without going overboard, so be sure that your colors are balanced.  


legible, upbeat

Your fonts are clean, easy to read, and lean to the modern side. They should convey an easy and friendly feeling. Look for fonts that feel open and upbeat. The goal is to find a font or pairing that brings a simple and warm feel.

Steer clear of any fonts on the extreme ends, either too decorative or too bold. Decorative fonts are hard to read, while fonts that are too bold can make your brand look too “in your face.”  

Your goal is to have fonts that make your content easy to read.


A Girl or Guy Nextdoor brand uses candid, genuine images that reflect everyday life. Watch out for photos that look too posed or staged. They’ll break that connective trust that your audience craves. Look for images that feel friendly and that reflect everyday life. Be sure, too, that they work with your color scheme and don’t clash. These are only examples. As you can see by the archetype inspiration brands, imagery can vary dramatically depending on the brand style, market segment, and audience


Your brand is all about building connections through your community, so your social media should reflect the community you serve. That might be your city and what happens there, or it can also be your user community. Remember that your audience needs to feel that you see them and welcome them as they are, so make sure your content, images, and graphics feel approachable. 

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are. Your people won’t respond to a hard sell or clickbait. Those tactics are more likely to turn them off than to bring you leads. Keep in mind that they want to be attracted, not pushed.


In real estate? The Girl or Guy Nextdoor is a perfect fit.  You’re the agent who knows everything local or the brokerage who casually promotes other local businesses.  Your social or website content is all about your hometown and the people who live there. Keep it conversational, and never be boastful when you’re promoting your own business. It’s about lifting everyone, not just yourself. 

which archetype fits your brand?

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