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The Explorer

The Seeker, The Traveler, or The Adventurer

The Explorer is inspired by discovery, and you push boundaries. Your adventure may be a physical journey, a journey of the mind, or a challenge to the status quo.



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about the explorer

You encourage people to embrace new experiences, break through barriers, and feel free. You’re all about authenticity and don’t mind taking a bit of risk. Still, social justice and fairness are equally important. Your services or product are solid, reliable, and easy to use.

Explorers can be outdoorsy or boho, but their need to wander isn’t limited to the physical world. It can also be a personal journey of exploration, a new methodology, embracing individualism, or taking a stand for a cause.



understand your audience

The Explorer brand people are free spirits, unencumbered by boundaries, and adventure seekers. They love culture and are experience-driven. You attract people who want something different from everyday norms and embrace courage or self-discovery. Their biggest fears are conforming, feeling tied down, or feeling trapped.



connection archetypes

The Explorer shares a quadrant with The Dreamer and The Sage. All three attract people who have a need for self-actualization. The Dreamer is focused on a utopic ideal, while The Sage helps them grow through knowledge.

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style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Patagonia, Subaru, North Face, and Jeep are brands you can look to as examples of The Explorer brand archetype. All four are lifestyle driven and appeal to people with an inner sense of adventure. Another excellent example of the Explorer brand archetype is Trader Joe’s.

real estate branding graphic design agency stacy stateham
real estate branding graphic design agency stacy stateham
real estate branding graphic design agency stacy stateham
real estate branding graphic design agency stacy stateham

core values

explorer brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Explorer brand values reflect individuality, freedom, and independence.

brand voice

the way you speak

The Explorer brand voice is authentic, empowering, enlightened, and genuinely human.

You use descriptive language and simple sentence structure. You inspire people to see a new possibility.

brand visuals


earthy, saturated, neutral

Think about tones that reflect nature but are more saturated (for example, a pine green as opposed to pastel green or a deeply saturated orange instead of a soft peach).

Browns or greys blended with teals, blues, greens, and oranges are good starting points. Another common palette is strong neutrals, like a combination of rich brown, tans, and beige.

Most important is that your colors come together harmoniously and work well with images that reflect the Explorer lifestyle.


enticing, clear, not fussy

Look for fonts that are simple and clear, not fussy or intricate. Some Explorer brands blend clean and modern fonts with one slightly decorative font (like Patagonia’s logo font).

Many brands use more than one font, so don’t feel you have to choose just one. Try to find one that stands out a bit more for your headlines and a more simple one for your body text.

If you opt for a decorative font, make sure that it’s very legible. It should reinforce your brand message and not distract from it.


Because your archetype is about freedom and self-expression, you have a lot of latitude. The most important thing is that the images work well together and tell the story of your place and your people. Images should feel very authentic and down-to-earth, and it’s vital that they feel genuine to your audience. Stock photography should show a sense of adventure and never be blah or boring. Depending on your brand and market, you can start with either images that are outdoorsy or have a retro or vintage vibe.


Your people are the wanderers, and you are the guide. While they may find it hard to choose a direction, you can lead the way. Explorers in business need to ensure in messaging and content that beyond the drive for freedom and non-conformity, there is a high level of responsibility and care for what’s genuinely best for the client. The people who will be drawn to your brand can have high “FOMO,” a fear of missing out on a more fulfilling life.

The Explorer brand is often outdoorsy, boho, or natural, but it can vary for different business laterals. Explorers are trailblazers, authentic, and ambitious, which often also aligns with tech startups or service businesses. It’s not as much about the industry as it is about the mindset. Even though your audience rejects conformity, they still have an ambitious streak. The difference is that their ambition isn’t money or status but autonomy and experience. They’re constantly seeking more, whether visiting a place they’ve never been to or reaching the next level of self-discovery.

In real estate? Whether you’re selling in a destination market like Nashville or Sedona or you’re in a big city, let your images help you tell the story of all the possibilities life offers. You’ll attract people who will love a sense of adventure as much as you do. You’re the agent who knows the hippest new neighborhoods, the vintage rehab that makes their heart sing, or where to find the perfect cabin in the woods. You help your clients find the place they come home to. The Explorer archetype is ideal for agents or boutique brands in mountain towns and rural areas but also for big-city niche neighborhoods. It’s not the location as much as the unique character of the place and the local community.

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