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The Dreamer

The Innocent, The Purist, or The Idealist

The Dreamer is Carefree, Simple, Always an Optimist, and Honest. 


Kindness is like snow- It beautifies everything it covers.

Kahlil Gibran

about dreamer brands


A Dreamer Brand is carefree, simple, and happy. When people need a positive boost, they turn to you. You want everyone to be happy and comfortable in their own skin.

You’re the brand people know they can trust, and you would never do anything hurtful. The Dreamer is virtuous, honest, and pure.  You are inherently kind, never cynical. People are drawn to you for your wholesome approach.


understand your audience

The Dreamer lives in a utopia mindset where there is good in everyone, and everything will be ok. Or, at least, it’s the way that they wish the world could be. You attract people who seek self-actualization, inner growth, and acceptance. Your audience loves your positive mindset and virtue. They find comfort in your calming and nurturing vibe.  


connection archetypes

The Dreamer shares a quadrant with The Explorer and The Sage. All three attract people who seek self-actualization. However, The Sage is more knowledge-focused, while The Explorer is more about exploration and adventure.

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style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Look to Aveeno, Dove, Seventh Generation, and The Honest Company as examples of Dreamer brands to emulate. 

 All four are wholesome, intentionally simple, inclusive, and purpose-driven.

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core values

dreamer brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

Dreamer brand values embody a sense of oneness, acceptance, humanity and focus on the greater good.

brand voice

the way you speak

Your brand voice as a Dreamer is truthful, kind, refreshing, and transparent.

You’re ever the optimist, never cunning or snarky. The glass is always half full, if not full or overflowing.

brand visuals


calm, kind, clean

Your Dreamer brand colors should evoke your message of altruism, honesty, and calm.

Think about softer shades and muted tones and not intense hues. Blues, white, soft purples, and yellow are your best starting point. Soft shades of pink, green, and grey also work well.

Steer clear of high contrast, bright, or bold colors.


clean, soft, plain

Fonts that work best for a Dreamer brand are soft, easy to read, and clean. The type styles that you use should reinforce your simple and open brand style and not fight with it.

Most brands use a pair or trio of fonts. Make sure that yours combine with a harmonious look and avoid those that contrast sharply with each other.

Your goal is to find a font or style pairing that feels clean, gives a sense of calm, and that is very legible.


A Dreamer brand uses images that feel very human and with a soft appeal. Images of people should be natural, smiling, and not feel very authentic.  Colors should be soft and should coordinate with your brand color scheme.  Watch out for stock images that feel “staged” and opt instead for casual, homey, and relaxed photos.   


Your brand should inspire people and make it clear from the first time they see you that you accept them as they are and that they are safe with you. Your audience will pay a little bit more for a product or service that supports their belief in the greater good. They’re looking for a sense of wholesomeness and purity. You’re a brand that they know they can trust, the information you share is honest and upbeat, and your message is always positive. Your glass is always at least half full.

When crafting your marketing plan, lean toward beautiful or nostalgic styles and create a vibe of kindness and authenticity. Pinterest and Instagram are great tools for your social media, both image-driven and aspirational.

In real estate? In a good market, you’re there to spread positive news. You’re a source of assurance, a gentle guide, and a trusted resource in a down market. You attract people who aspire to a better lifestyle or who genuinely have a “dream home.”

which archetype fits your brand?

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