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The Creator


The Creator is driven to build something new,  loves innovation, and thrives on freedom of expression.


there's a way to do it better. find it.

Thomas a. edison

about creator brands


The Creator loves both the idea and the process of making it real. You want to both create something new and make it perfect. You have a constant drive to innovate and may have a tendency to let perfectionism get in your way. You don’t copy what someone else has done, but it may inspire you to take it to a level they hadn’t thought of. It’s about artistry but also a drive for function.

The Creator is visionary and encourages big ideas. You see failure as a learning process; mediocrity is the worst likely outcome. You inspire people who crave something new, the early adopters and the creative progressives.


understand your audience

The Creator fills their audience’s need for stability and control through a sense that they can do what you can. You inspire people to think beyond the status quo to something entirely new. They are the early adopters and the people who want something better but often don’t know what that is until you show them. 


connection archetypes

The Creator shares a quadrant with The Ruler and The Caregiver.  All three attract people who need safety & stability.  The Ruler gives that through control while the Caregiver gives it through acceptance.

brand archetype quadrants V3 Updated Branding_Safety Quadrant

style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

Brands like Adobe, Lego, Pinterest, and Google are great examples of Creator brands. Lego inspires kids to build whatever they imagine. Pinterest is where we collect inspiration and our aspirations, and Adobe is the market software standard for makers. At the same time, Google changed how the world finds information.

creator brand archetype brands
creator brand archetype brands
creator brand archetype brands
creator brand archetype brands

core values

creator brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Creator Brand values innovation, imagination, and new ways to solve old problems.

brand voice

the way you speak

The Creator voice is excited, inspiring, and uplifting.

You explain complex ideas clearly and you’re able to simplify your ideas to seem like they’re common sense.

brand visuals


unque, inspiring, stand out

Because a Creator is all about making something fresh, you can play with brighter colors but be wary of going too bright, avoid childish colors, and make sure to balance with colors that instill trust.

You can also play with very high contrast or bold color schemes.

Adding in blues or greys can help to bring balance to other, more attention grabbing shades. If your color scheme still feels too loud, decrease the use of your colors and increase the amount of white space to give it room to breathe.


clean, modern, crisp

Your fonts are modern, highly legible, and very clean. Because your ideas can be complex to explain, a clean and simple font helps to make them feel more accessible.

You can also play with contrast in font weights, sizes, and kernings.

The goal is to find a font or style pairing that gives a sense of modernity while also being very easy to read.


Of all the brand archetypes, The Creator has the most latitude in style. Because you are aiming to both inspire and to show innovation, images that make people think are key. They can be conceptual, high contrast, or moody depending on what your business provides and what your approach is. Stay away from anything that looks cliché. Choose images that reflect possibility and that work well with your brand colors. Images should help humanize your ideas and to make your vision feel inspirational.


Your brand should inspire people and make it clear from the first time they see you that you’re different. Your audience isn’t looking for just any company who sells what you do. They want something that’s innovative and they want to be the first of their group to have it. Resist the urge to over-explain. Writing content to differentiate yourself should touch on the problem you’re solving without creating a diatribe on the pain points. Your are less transactional and more entrepreneurial, less process or procedure and more vision.

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are. Your people won’t respond to a hard sell or click-bait. Those tactics are more likely to turn them off than to bring you leads. Keep in mind that they want to be attracted, not pushed.

In real estate? The Creator in the real estate industry is likely to be a tech start up, an brokerage or team with a different approach, or a consultant or service provider with a fresh take. If you’re selling homes, leverage your unique perspective to build a local brand that stands out. You can amp up your marketing, your social game, and your online presence by showing your visionary spirit.

which archetype fits your brand?

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