real estate branding caregiver archetype stacy stateham

The Caregiver

The Mother, The Servant, or The Martyr

The Caregiver is driven to help people and to take care of others. You protect people from harm and are known for going the extra mile.


Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Tao Te Ching

about caregiver brands


The Caregiver is the person we reach out to in times of trouble, when we need to be cared for, and when we need to be nurtured. You are selfless and caring. You want people to feel safe with you. You’re all about service and comfort, and you put the well-being of others above your own. Be wary, though, of falling too far into sacrifice or martyrdom.

Caregivers are compassionate and generous. Ingratitude and selfishness are your biggest turnoffs.

You comfort fearful people and instill a sense of reassurance and safety.


understand your audience

The Caregiver shares a quadrant with The Ruler and The Creator. All three attract people who have needs related to structure. The Ruler brings safety through control, while the Creator gives structure through innovation.


connection archetypes

The Lover shares a quadrant with The Girl or Guy Nextdoor and the Jester. All three attract people who have needs related to relationships and belonging. The Girl or Guy Nextdoor leans into casual & community while the Joker is all about fun.

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style & inspiration

brands to be inspired by

If you need inspo, look to brands like Johnson & Johnson, Kiva, Toms, and Proctor & Gamble. Although they are very different in what they do, they have commonalities in their caring, positive, and inclusive approaches.  

real estate branding caregiver archetype stacystateham
real estate branding caregiver archetype stacystateham
real estate branding caregiver archetype stacystateham
real estate branding caregiver archetype stacystateham

core values

lover brand drivers

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype.

The Caregiver Brand values compassion, generosity, and benevolence and often supports a social cause

brand voice

the way you speak

The Caregiver’s tone of voice is empathetic, caring, and reassuring.

Even when facing difficult subjects, you’re able to present them with compassion and understanding.

brand visuals


balanced, soft, trustworthy

Although most colors can be adapted to fit a brand archetype, some colors work more effectively with a Caregiver brand than others.

The Caregiver’s look pulls in colors that evoke a feeling of trust, harmony, and balance. Shades of blues and greys used with white are common, as are soft greens and blush. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors, but make sure that your overall color scheme creates a feeling of calm, safety, or reassurance. Ain for colors that are soft hues rather than bold or bright.


reliable, honest, forthright

Your fonts are clean, neither too modern nor too old school.

Steer clear of any fonts that are too decorative or too feminine. It can be tempting for a Caregiver to go too far into “girly,” but that can minimize your authenticity. Your fonts must be clearly legible to support your honest message.

The goal is to find a font or a pairing that gives a sense of stability.


The images you choose as a Caregiver should reflect empathy, connection, and generosity.   Choose images that reflect comfort and that work well with your brand colors. Home photos should feel soft, light, and welcoming. Images of people should be at ease, peaceful, or happy. When looking for stock images to show concepts, steer clear of any that are cliché. Images should evoke a feeling of comfort, safety, or calm.


Your brand should show empathy and honesty. The people most attracted to a Caregiver brand often feel that they need emotional support, so it’s critical that nothing in your branding raises a red flag or feels false. Use your social media to spread compassion and understanding. You can shed light on common problems and help to provide solutions. Don’t shy away from reality but do it in a caring way. Of all of the brand archetypes, The Caregiver is one of the best for a storytelling approach.

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are. Your people won’t respond to a hard sell or clickbait. Those tactics are more likely to turn them off than to bring you leads. Keep in mind that they want to be attracted, not pushed.

In real estate? The Caregiver in the real estate industry may be the agent who specializes in helping seniors or the one who loves first-time buyers. Your niche is more about the people you serve and their specific needs than a particular home style or area.

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