Also called The Champion, The Winner, The Idealist, or The Warrior

You are courageous, highly skilled, and are driven by your moral values.  You have an inner need to make the world better and to empower everyone in it.  

hero brand archetype image style

Triumph over adversity


about The hero

The Hero drives people to achieve, and can always be counted on to rise to any occasion. 

You’re all about potential and hard work. 

You’re the brand that tells people they can do it and they have what it takes.  

The Hero is competent, brave, and strong.

You are inherently motivational. The Hero attracts people who need to want to feel empowered or inspired.

Well Known

Brands like Nike, The US Army, BMW, and Gatorade fit the Hero Brand Archetype.

brand colors

Although most colors can be adapted to fit with a brand archetype, some colors work more easily with a Hero brand than others. Lean toward colors that have bold, rich tones and have a depth of character that reflects your brand image.  Think deeply saturated colors as opposed to shockingly bright.

Because of the bold nature of the Hero, you can play with intense and deep colors provided that they’re well balanced.  Steer clear of being too bright or too soft in your color scheme.  You’re aiming for big character but in keeping with an inspirational feel.

core values

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Hero brand values embody a sense of possibility, dedication to hard work, and integrity.

brand voice

The Voice: Your brand voice is outspoken and empowering.

You’re competent and informative in a motivational way.  You are direct but with discipline; never rude.

celebrity Heroes

If you’re struggling to find the right voice for your content or marketing, use brands like Nike, Gatorade, the US Army, or BMW for inspiration.   For more personal tone, channel a little Katniss Everdeen or John Wayne.

john wayne

katniss everdeen

your brand image style

A Hero brand uses images that are with deeper tones as opposed to bright, but they don’t all have to be serious.  Less light flooded and white and more mood shadows.  Be wary of that “stock photo” feel or of images that feel harsh.   Aim for pictures with lower lighting, but that feel motivational.  Make sure that they are cohesive with your color scheme.  

real estate marketing branding consultant strategy archetype

the hero quadrant

The Hero shares a quadrant with The Magician and The Rebel.  All three attract people who have needs for mastery and motivation.

the hero in real estate

You’re the agent who gets it done and who helps people see they can achieve their goals. 

Support your local first responders, connect with teachers and civil servants.   Especially when the market is in a downturn or financing is challenging, you’re there to help people find a path forward.  

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are.   

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