Girl & Guy Nextdoor

Also called The Everyman

You are Mr. or Mrs. Relatable.  

The  Girl & Guy Nextdoor is affable and easygoing, good-natured, and you get along with everyone.

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We're all in this together


about girl & guy nextdoor

The Girl or Guy Nextdoor is that person that everyone knows and everyone seems to like.  You want everyone to feel welcome and you’re always there to lend a helping hand. 

You’re the brand that people know before they need you.  You don’t necessarily feel like you have to stand out, but you’re no wallflower, either.   

The Girl or Guy Next Door is welcoming, trustworthy, and friendly.

You are inherently upbeat and never pretentious.  People are drawn to you welcoming nature.  The Guy or Girl Next Door is often very community focused and attracts peope who want to feel included or understood.  

Well Known
Guy or girl

Brands like Discover Card, Wendy’s, Home Depot, and Ikea fit the Girl or Guy Nextdoor Brand Archetype.

brand colors

Although most colors can be adapted to fit with a brand archetype, some colors work more easily with a Girl or Guy Nextdoor brand than others. Lean toward colors that feel welcoming, approachable, and trustworthy.  Think about colors from classic comfy fabrics like denim washes, tones from a flannel plaid shirt, or a washed gingham tablecloth. 

Because of the friendly nature of the Girl or Guy Nextdoor, you can play with pops of color provided that they’re well balanced.  Steer clear of being either too muted or too high contrast in your color scheme.  You’re aiming for welcoming without going overboard, so make sure that your colors are balanced.  

core values

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

Girl or Guy Nextdoor brand values embody a sense of inclusivity, collaboration, respect, and understanding.

brand voice

The Voice: Your brand voice is friendly, down-to-earth, and honest.  

You’re always welcoming and understanding, and show your knowledge in a helpful, casual, and neighborly way.    

celebrity Girls & Guys Nextdoor

If you’re struggling to find the right voice for your content or marketing, use brands like Discover, Home Depot, Ikea, or Wendy’s for inspiration.   For more personal inspiration, use a voice that’s along the lines of people like Reese Witherspoon or Blake Shelton.

reese witherspoon

blake shelton

your brand image style

A Girl or Guy Nextdoor brand uses images that are candid, genuine, and that reflect everyday life.   Be wary of that “stock photo” feel.   Aim for images with an approachable and friendly feel and make sure that they are cohesive with your color scheme.  

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the GIRL & GUY NEXTDOOR quadrant

The Girl & Guy Nextdoor shares a quadrant with The Lover and the Jester.  All three attract people who have needs related to relationships and belonging.  The Lover leans much more to evoking the sense and while the Joker is all about fun. 

the girl & guy nextdoor in real estate

You’re the agent who knows everything local or the brokerage who casually promotes other local businesses.  

Your social or website content is all about your hometown and the people who live there.  Keep it conversational and never be boastful when you’re promoting your own business.    

Be careful with your call-to-action messaging to ensure that it fits with who you are.   

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