Also called The Outlaw, The Maverick, The Revolutionary

Whether it’s Hipster or Harley, the Rebel is a little counter-culture, outside the mainstream, and is often a driver of change.  

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Question Authority & Stand For Something


about the Rebel

The Rebel drives people to break out, to make change, to follow their wild side, or to just be their genuine selves.  You’re all about pushing boundaries and breaking rules with an underlying drive of freedom of choice and being a catalyst of change.   It’s important that Rebels show that underneath the tough exterior is a good heart with the right intentions.

You’re the brand that tells people that independence is cool, that the status-quo is flexible, and that change is possible.  You’re against any rules that place limitations on people, whether it’s you or anyone else.

Rebels can be the tough guy or the moral crusader.   The Rebel is ballsy, outspoken, and not afraid to speak your mind.  You are anti-conformity.  

You attract people who see the world how you do.   

Well Known

Brands like Harley Davidson, MTV, Virgin, and Kat Von D

real estate branding & marketing
real estate branding & marketing
real estate branding & marketing
real estate branding & marketing

brand colors

Although most colors can be adapted to fit with a brand archetype, some colors work more easily with a Rebel brand than others.  Because of your non-conformity, you can play with colors.   

Go bold but use deep blacks, blues, or browns for balance.   You can also lean to the vintage side with washed images and colors to match or use high contrast colors like black, white, and a bold pop of another single color.

core values

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Rebel brand values revolve around freedom, advocating for the disenfranchised, and challenge convention.

brand voice

The Voice: Your brand voice is never formal.  You’re real, raw, upfront, and unafraid to take a stance.  

celebrity REBELS

If you’re struggling to find the right voice for your content or marketing, use brands like Harley Davidson, MTV, Kat Von D, or Virgin for inspiration.   When you’re looking for a human tone, aim for something similar to Lady Gaga or Richard Branson.

real estate branding & marketing

lady gaga

real estate branding & marketing

richard branson

your brand image style

A Rebel brand is fun to work with for images.  Your values and message are all about non-conformity and freedom of expression so you can use the images you choose to reflect your values.  

Steer far away from images that feel staged, uptight, or too mainstream.  Don’t be afraid to show the tattoos, the bikes, the local music scene, or the hipster coffee shop.  Choose your lane and run with it.  You’ll draw in people who see the world the same way that you do.  

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the rebel quadrant

The Rebel shares a quadrant with The Magician and The Hero.  All three attract people who have needs for mastery or motivation.

the REBEL in real estate

You’re the agent who voices what most others will not.  As much as being a Rebel means you ignore convention, stay legal & within compliance.  

Remember that there are “riches in niches”.  If you’re that agent who has tats, who rides a Harley, or who stands tall with hipster pride, own it and build your brand around who you are.   You’ll attract people who have your same independent spirit.  While nearly every other agent that you compete against is aiming at the masses, your rebel audience can feel left out.   You can target your audience based on lifestyle or life stage, neighborhoods with a quirky vibe, or by the home styles they are most likely to love in your city.  

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