Also called The Seeker, The Traveler, or The Adventurer

The Explorer is inspired by adventure and discovery, pushes boundaries, is often outdoorsy and might be a little bit boho.  You’re a pioneer.

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Life is about the journey


about the explorer

The Explorer is a free spirit who embraces adventure.  You love culture and experience, whether it’s in your own home town or traveling the globe.  You encourage people to embrace new experiences, to break through barriers, and to feel free.   You’re all about an authentic lifestyle and you don’t mind taking a bit of risk, but social justice and fairness are equally important.  Explorers in business need to ensure in messaging and content that beyond the drive for freedom and non-conformity there is a high level of responsibility and care what’s genuinely best for the client.   Your services or your product are solid, reliable, and easy to use.

Explorers can be outdoorsy or boho, but a need to wander doesn’t have to be only in the physical world.  It can also be a personal journey of exploration, embracing individualism, or taking a stand for a cause.

You attract people who want something different from the everyday norm who embrace courage, or self-discovery.

Well Known

Brands like North Face, Subaru, Levis, or Jeep.  Another Explorer brand is Trader Joes.

real estate marketing brand archetype explorer
real estate marketing brand archetype explorer
real estate marketing brand archetype explorer
real estate marketing brand archetype explorer

brand colors

Although most colors can be adapted to fit with a brand archetype, some colors work more easily with an Explorer brand than others.  Think about tones that reflect nature but are on the more saturated side (for example, a pine green as opposed to pastel green, or a deeply saturated orange instead of a soft peach).  

Browns or greys blended with teals, blues, greens or oranges are a good starting point.   What’s most important is that your colors come together harmoniously and that they work well with images that reflect the Explorer lifestyle.

core values

Every brand’s values are unique, but there are commonalities within each archetype. 

The Explorer brand values reflect individuality, freedom, and independence.

brand voice

The Voice: The Explorer brand voice is authentic, empowering, enlightened, and genuinely human.

celebrity explorers

If you’re struggling to find the right voice for your content or marketing, use brands like Jeep, Subaru, North Face, or Levis for inspiration.   When you’re looking for a human tone, channel your inner Bear Grylls or Amelia Earhart. 

real estate branc archetype examples

bear grylls

real estate branc archetype examples

amelia earhart

your brand image style

The Explorer is a fun brand to work with for image style.  Because your archetype is all about freedom and self expression, you have a lot of latitude.  The most important thing is that the images you choose work well together and tell the story of both your place and your people.   Images should feel very authentic and down-to-earth, and it’s important that they feel genuine to your audience. 

Whether you’re selling in a destination market like Nashville or Sedona or you’re in a big city, let your images help you tell the story of all the possibilities life offers where you are.  You’ll attract people who will love a sense of adventure as much as you do.   

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the explorer 


The Explorer shares a quadrant with The Dreamer and The Sage.  All three attract people who have a need for self actualization.

the explorer in real estate

You’re the agent who knows the best boho neighborhoods, the vintage rehab that makes their heart sing, or where to find the perfect cabin in the woods.   You help your clients find the place they come home to.  

The Explorer archetype is perfect for agents or boutique brands in mountain towns and rural areas, but also for big city niche neighborhoods.   It’s not the location as much as it is the unique character of the place and the people who live there. 

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