What to do with your real estate marketing if you don’t like your brand’s colors

How to work around it & stay compliant at the same time.

What to do with your real estate marketing if you don’t like your brand’s colors

When I was an agent with a big franchise brand, I wanted my real estate marketing to stand out. I was not a fan of their colors because I felt like they were really dated. On the flip side, when I owned a brokerage, one of the biggest issues that we had with the marketing that our agents did was policing compliance. Trust me. It’s not fun to have to tell an agent that they can’t have a hot pink and purple yard sign. It may seem like there’s no good middle ground, but there is.  Staying compliant and having a personal brand style is totally doable. 

This is the part that you’re probably not going to like. Yes, you do have to use brand colors if your company requires it. Brand compliance is important, not just because it’s probably in your Independent Contractor Agreement. but because a strong collective brand helps everyone in the company, including you.

Brand Styles/ Brand Lifestyle

I’m also going to say that there are some incredibly talented folks who manage brand styles for franchises. They know what they’re doing. They’ve chosen the company colors for a reason. I totally get why agents want to build a distinct personal brand style, and I fully support that, but you have to do it within the brand framework. The big brands offer tremendous value in name recognition, marketing, and consumer trust. That’s nearly impossible to build as an individual agent. Trust it and find a way to make it work for your own personal brand.

Here’s the part that you will like. I have yet to see a franchise or brokerage color palette that isn’t workable. Most brands have white and either a dark grey or a true black. If the other company colors don’t fit you, use those unless they’re mandatory. Black, white, and grey are incredibly adaptable colors and are easy to use in a clean & modern layout.  They also work well with almost any well-balanced font combination.

50 Shades Of Grey.

Except there are more than that. Like literally hundreds. To make sure that you’re using the correct shade, go to your brand guide, snag the hex or web color code. 

real estate marketing brokerage brand colors remax brand guide

Company Brand Guide Color Codes

Copy The Hex or Web Code

Then go to Canva and paste that code into the color selector. They may look close enough but using the wrong shade can make your layouts feel “off”. Ditto with every other color. Don’t guess. Get your color codes and use them. 

real estate marketing brokerage brand colors remax

Use That Code In Canva

Paste The Hex or Web Code Into The Color Selector

You can also use one of the other approved brand colors, ala the RE/MAX red on smaller elements. Here I’ve grabbed the hex code for their red and used it on a divider line. The overall layout stays clean, but voila, brand colors used. You can use the same technique with any brand.

real estate marketing brokerage brand colors remax red

Add A Pop of Color

Grab a brand color that you can use to add some pop & interest.

It’s important, too, to follow your brokerage policy for broker approval if there is one.  I know that it’s totally tempting to go rogue but please don’t. 

It’s absolutely possible to have the best of both compliance and your own real estate marketing.  You can stay within brand guidelines and have a style of your own that stands out.

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