The Clothes Don't Make The Brand.

How to get through the hot mess of building a real estate brand.



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Does this sound familiar? Every time you get on Canva, you have a hard time picking a layout style and picking colors and fonts.  It’s hard to put something together that looks amazing and that isn’t a pain in the patootie.  If you have to choose a stock image for an ad, you either end up with a blah stock image or you scroll through hundreds and can’t seem to find one that fits.  You’d rather have a root canal than have to write a great agent bio.  Speaking of content, the only thing harder than writing a bio is knowing what to blog about. When you look at your Instagram feed, it is bland and messy, not beautifully consistent the way you’d like it to be. You know you have to post consistently but coming up with smart things to post other than just sharing listings is hard.  Honestly, it’s no wonder that agents avoid it all. 

Now imagine this… Fast forward three months from now.  It’s the last Saturday of the month and it’s time to set up posts on Later for the next month.  You have coffee in hand, the kids are otherwise occupied, and you don’t have showings until later in the afternoon.  You know who you are and what your people really need, so it’s easy to know what to post.  You know what your brand style is so it’s also easy to pop a layout together.  Done and done, and you’re on with your day. 

How do you get from the “hot mess” to the hell yes?  Take the time to really learn who your brand is, who your people are, what they need underneath all of the obvious stuff, and how you can help them.  When you know all of that not only is posting so much easier, but sorting out your logo, colors, fonts, etc is a breeze.  Have you ever tried to pick out an outfit for someone that you don’t know very well?  It’s hard.  Every single time I work with someone who’s been struggling to find a brand style or a content strategy that works it’s because they haven’t taken time to sort out what who their brand really is first.

Is the outfit that you’re wearing right now your humanity?  Gosh, I hope not.  As they say, the clothes don’t make the man. Those are pants and a shirt. Inanimate objects. Not you as a complete person.  The style you choose to wear is a way that you represent who you are to the world, not the entirety of you as a person.  You are a thinking and feeling human.  You are driven by desires and emotion.  You have strengths and weaknesses, fears and goals, values and beliefs.  Your logo, colors, fonts, image style, and brand voice are like the clothes that your brand wears, not who it is.  Your clients, too, are not just home buyers or sellers, first timers or downsizers.  Some people are driven by a need for connection, others by prestige.  Some have a need for mastery while others want to break free. 

Where do you start?  If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to take this quiz.  It will help you define what your brand archetype is, what makes you stand out, and what people actually need from you.  That will also get you on my email list where I’ll send you totally free tips and links to resources. Each one will give you just enough to do one more thing.  I like to keep things simple and doable, so each email will give you one more thing to work on or something to think through. 

From finding a true niche to defining a brand style, and from content plans to what posts should look like, I’ll walk with you through each step of your brand journey. 

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