Running Facebook Ads for Real Estate? Step Up Your Game with Business Manager

If you’re running Facebook Ads for real estate lead generation, especially for a brokerage or a team, it’s time to get familiar with Facebook Business Manager.


Why? Yes, it’s more complicated than just using your Facebook business page and Ads Manager, but you can do so much more with Business Manager. There is another step down, which is just boosting posts from your page. Running an ad isn’t the same as putting $5-10 bucks to boost a post. Facebook ad Ads Manager is a step up from there with more options and targeting than boosted posts, where Business Manager is the Grand Poohbah.  If you’re serious about running Facebook ads for real estate lead generation, you should seriously consider stepping up your game.

Why Business Manager if You Can Run Ads In Ads Manager?

Because I said so? Kidding (not kidding).

Business Manager allows you more control over what staff can (and cannot) access.

Business Manager gives you three levels of access for your marketing team. An ad account analyst can only see ads and reporting. An ad account advertisers can manage ads and see reporting. The ad account admin has access to everything, including setting the access of members of your team, payment methods, and spend limits. You can have more than one admin.

Business Manager gives you a much higher level of security on your business page and ad account administration. If you’ve ever had an agent or employee leave and take a Facebook business account with them, you know the pain. 

You can run ads on Instagram with just Facebook Ads Manager, but you need Business Manager to be able to review and respond to comments on them.

Business Manager provides much better reporting and tracking itself but also gives you Facebook Analytics. (Data geeks, you can thank me later)

Your ads account is one of the assets that can be managed within Business Manager, but it’s not the entire management suite.

If you need more than one ad account and/or are managing multiple pages within your business, you need Business Manager.

But Wait, There's More

None of that includes the incredibly cool stuff that you can do with your Facebook ads on Business Manager that you can’t do without it. You’ll still have access to Ads Manager, of course, so you can still create ads, split test, and monitor results. But you also gain access to Events and Audiences with options that Ads Manager alone doesn’t offer. 


With Facebook Business Manager you can track more than one Pixel.  You only get one with Ads Manager alone.

Why would you need multiple pixels?  Several reasons, but the most common is if you have mutliple websites that you want to be able retarget with Facebook Ads.  A corporate franchise page and a brokerage site, or external landing pages.



If your brokerage or team carries a lot of listings AND you’re getting decent traffic on your site for those listings, these are a little bit badass. 

Have you ever not bought the blouse on only to have it follow you around the internet for a month afterward?  You can do that with your listings. 

Going for lead generation? I think they’re once of the coolest Facebook Ads for Real Estate.

Email List
Audience Ads


This is a type of retargeting, but the people do not have to be those who have visited your website before (like with a pixel). 

Instead, it’s your database. You can do the same thing with phone numbers, but usually, with real estate, we end up with more emails than phone numbers. These are great to try to re-engage with people that you haven’t connected with in a while.


These let you track results from specific URL’s within your website as opposed to the entire site as a whole, what people searched for, what area, property type, etc. These are incredibly helpful if you want to go deep with a layered retargeting strategy. Think showing ads about golf course homes to people who searched or viewed golf course homes, etc. The more specific the retargeting ad, the more likely you are to get results.

Less Common For Real Estate Lead Generation Ads

With Facebook Business Manager you are also able to do things like Offline Event Sets, Event Source Groups, and Shared Audiences.  In the real estate business they just aren’t as commonly used, but they are there if you need them.

Getting Started

Before you start setting up Facebook Business Manager, make sure that you have full admin access to your business page account, your ads account, and your payment methods. I don’t recommend that you have a member of staff do this. The actual account owner should do it. That’s usually the Broker Owner or (if you’re a team) the Team Owner. Business Manager is a lot. I get it. It can be overwhelming at first until you learn to navigate through it, but I believe that the benefits outweigh the hassle. Setting up Business Manager the first time takes some patience so don’t try to do it when you’re in a hurry. Also, heads up, once you add assets to a business manager account, you can’t go back. This means your ads account, etc will now always be in business manager. It freaks people out but growth is good 🙂 To create a Business Manager:
  1. Go to
  2. Click Create Account.
  3. Enter a name for your business, your name and work email address and click Next.
  4. Enter your business details and click Submit.
Here are some links from Facebook to walk through how to add your staff, your business page, and your ads account. Add People to Your Business Manager Add Pages to Your Business Manager Add Ad Accounts to Your Business Manager

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