Facebook Retargeting Ads For Real Estate

(Boom, Another Taco!)

Why should you use facebook retargeting ads for real estate lead gen?

I use Facebook retargeting ads on nearly every lead generation campaign I do.  Why?  You can do things with Facebook retargeting ads that you can’t readily do with other platforms, they work, and they convert. 

About the tacos...

When you eat a taco, stuff falls out. With online marketing, you end up with a lot of site visitors that didn’t convert. If you eat your taco over a tortilla, when the stuff falls out, boom, another taco! If you use retargeting ads for your real estate business, you can pick up those folks that didn’t convert. Boom, another lead!  Both Google and Facebook allow for retargeting (aka remarketing) ads.  

If 10% of your first time site visitors convert (which would be a miracle), that means 90% didn’t.  

Look at it this way...

Let’s pretend that one of your agents hosted an open house last week. Twenty people came through but she only had five on the sign-up sheet. We have no idea who the other fifteen random strangers were, do we?  We have no way to market to them.  They’re just gone unless we happen to run into them again.

Web traffic is a lot like that except we do have a way to reach them.

You “host” them on your website, a few may register (and generate a lead), but the vast majority don’t. Random humans in the webiverse. They’ve already indicated that they might be interested in real estate.  If not, they wouldn’t have been on your website in the first place, so they’re technically a warm contact. You can use Facebook retargeting ads to try to bring them back.  Because they’ve already indicated an interest, you have a higher liklihood of converting through retargeting than you do the first time they click.  Each time they come back, that liklihood increases.  It’s like being able to bring those people who came to the open house.

Hard facts.

Depending on how good your website is, 95% or more of the people who come to your website are not going to turn into a lead.  Because of the brand recognition of the behemoth sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and every big franchise in the country, they may not even remember who you are after they close the tab.  If you want to stay with them, make sure that they remember you and nurture them until they’re ready, you have to have a strategy.

What do tacos and cookies have in common? They're awesome.

When someone visits your site for the first time, you give them a cookie.  Assuming of course that you’ve set up a tracking pixel on your site.

You get a cookie, you get a cookie, everyone gets a cookie! 

A cookie a tiny bit of text that is stored on their device that indicates where they’ve been on the web. They make life easier on the internet by recognizing you when you go back to a site that you have used before. If you have a Facebook business account you can add a tracking pixel to your website.  Facebook then adds a cookie to the visitors device which allows Facebook to recognize the people who have been on your site (the people who fell out of your webernet taco). It lets you then use that information to be able to aim ads at them to bring them back.   

facebook remarketing ads for real estate tracking pixel cookies

Boom! Another taco!

Here’s where it gets cool.  Each time they click, the quality of your facebook retargeting ads gets better.  

Assume that you’ve set your retargeting to track for 60 days.  They came through the first time, then they see one of your Facebook retargeting ads.  They click on that and come back to your site.  The clock just reset on your 60 days because it’s from the last time they clicked.  Each time they click through, the liklihood of you being able to generate a lead is higher.  Why?  Because they were sort of interested when they clicked the first time.  Each time they come back it indicates that they have a higher level of interest.  

This is where how your ad copy is written and what your ad image is becomes critical.  It needs to draw them back.  What page that ad lands on is extremely important, too.  If it’s well designed and the content is relevant, that also increases your chances of getting the lead.  

Ideally, you’ll have layers of ads based on what pages they visited and how many times they’ve interacted.  An ad facing a first time site visitor, for example, might direct them back to search results or area pages while someone who viewed a more specific page would be redirected back to that.  A casual clicker might be served an ad for a buyers guide download, or someone who viewed neighborhood market values might be directed to a page geared to sellers or a CMA.  The deeper they go into your content, the more specific you can be.  

How many site visitors do you get each month?  How many of those do you think that you could bring back with Facebook retargeting ads?  Would it help you to generate more leads?   Need help?  Contact me to set some time to talk about what your retargeting strategy might look like.

(or do you just want cookies and tacos?)


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