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Look at your brand in a way you may not have thought of before. Not your logo and the colors. Not what you do and who you’re selling to. Not what they are buying at that moment in time. Go deeper than that. Your brand can be so much more. It should represent who you are and what you do, but it should also speak at an emotional level to what your ideal audience really needs.

We will dig beneath the design and beyond the sales cycle down to the human level. We look at the core of how you connect with your ideal audience and what really draws them to you. Then we can begin to build a brand that truly resonates. This becomes the solid foundation that the style, the design, the messaging, and all of the rest are built upon.

How do I do that? To start with, I use an archetypal assessment tool. It may sound complicated, but it’s a simple way to help us understand human nature. It gives fresh insight to let you see your brand in a way you haven’t before. It helps to cut through the confusion and clarify what your brand should be.

It’s the first step in my client discovery process, and it may just be the first step for your brand clarity. Try it for yourself. It’s totally free.

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Your brand inspires your audience, attracts new customers, holds on to the ones you have, and serves as a bulwark against challenging times. Beyond just your logo and colors, your brand is the entire persona of your business. It’s not what you do. It is how you are perceived, what you believe, and how you work. Your brand is your style, voice, message, and values.

Just as there is a difference between an architect and an interior designer, there is also a difference between a brand strategist and a graphic designer. A designer makes things beautiful, and I do that, but I also make sure that they do the job that they’re intended to do.

The work that I do is a blend of strategy, psychology, and imagination. The design comes last. I work with you to find the brand style and identity that fits and identify who your ideal people are. Then I design the brand that will appeal psychologically and emotionally to that audience.

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